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The exteriors of your commercial establishment get a lot of attention. The curb appeal, lawn, the color scheme of the building, landscape, and more, play a great role in improving the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building. However, one of the most important structural elements often neglected is the roof. 

If the roof of your commercial building is not taken care of well or maintained properly, it can lead to extensive structural damage. Moreover, ignoring the health of your commercial roof may cause detrimental damage to valuables and commercial operations inside the building. 

If you’ve installed the best roofing system, it doesn’t mean you can forget about it altogether. Even the best roofing systems need maintenance and periodic inspection to identify any issues. 

At Tri-Country Commercial Roofing, we can provide roof maintenance and inspection services if your commercial roof isn’t functioning smoothly or there’s leakage or visible signs of damage. In some cases, the damages are so extensive that roof replacement is the only viable option. 

Tri-Country Commercial Roofing – Roof Replacement Experts in Fort Wayne, IN. 

At Tri-Country Commercial Roofing, we’re licensed, insured, qualified, and experienced roofing contractors based in Fort Wayne, IN, catering to clients across the city and neighboring areas. 

We specialize in installing a wide range of commercial roofs, including shingles, metal roofs, single-ply roofs, etc., ensuring your existing roof is replaced systematically following the best practices in the roofing industry. 

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

  • Incrementally increasing energy bills.
  • High humidity.
  • Sagging roof.
  • Ponding water problems on the roof. 
  • Unpleasant musty smell.
  • Extensive mold and mildew problems.

If your commercial roof shows one or more of these signs, it’s time you get it inspected to take corrective measures immediately. Ignoring these signs can lead to unhappy employees, the destruction of valuables in your commercial building, expensive repairs, irreversible damage to the building’s structures, and more. 

Our team at Tri-Country Commercial Roofing would be more than happy to look into your roof and help with repairs or roof replacement, whichever is feasible.

Choose the Right Roof Replacement Partner in Fort Wayne, IN– Tri-Country Commercial Roofing

Tri-Country Commercial Roofing has an honest and transparent approach to ensuring our clients of quality workmanship, affordable pricing, high-quality products, and excellent value for your money. As the go-to roofing contractor in Fort Wayne, IN, we have worked with thousands of clients across the region on a wide variety of commercial roofing projects. 

Our roof replacement procedure follows the best practices, ensuring the results you seek in terms of durability, efficiency, protection, and longevity. Our roofing systems and craftsmanship are backed by warranties, ensuring you’ve nothing to worry about when choosing us for commercial roof replacement. 

So, if you’re looking for commercial roof replacement services in Fort Wayne, IN, and surrounding areas, trust Tri-Country Commercial Roofing to provide services you can trust. As a licensed, insured, and bonded roofing contractor, we offer quality services with customer satisfaction as our top priority, ensuring you get the results you seek without exception – always. 

For more information or to schedule an on-site roof inspection, call us today at 260-720-7020.