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Repairing or replacing your commercial roof will depend on the extent of the damage. Moreover, you will also have to consider the funds available before making such a decision. For many, replacing a leaking commercial roof offers them more peace of mind, while others prefer repairing to conserve funds.

Whichever decisions you choose, ensure you use the best commercial roofing services close to you to do a good job. If you are interested in the replacing vs repairing commercial roof debates, read on.

Benefits of replacing commercial roofs

If you are in a dilemma about replacing or repeating a commercial roof, here are some factors to consider:

Roof age

Every roof has a shelf life irrespective of its quality. Mists of the roofing systems available have a lifespan of about 16 – 20 years. Once a roof passes 16 years since it was installed, there will be visible wear and tears. While it’s true that the lifespan depends on whether it is made of low-grade or high-grade materials after 15 years, start thinking of changing the roof. Even for commercial roofs made with strong materials, the climate and weather conditions can make them weak over time.

The severity of the leaks

When a commercial roof keeps having leaks repeatedly, it needs to be urgently replaced. Even if it hasn’t passed 5-7 years, once you keep repairing them over and over, change that roof. Repeated leakage, crack formation and saturation takes a toll on a roof and no amount of repairing can work.

Other roof damages

When a roof gets damaged leaks will show around the affected places. A good example is a roof with shingles that is prone to leaks once the shingles frame or break off. When more than one shingle breaks, the roof should be replaced or covered. Also, when a crack forms in one area, with other spots affected by corrosion and saturation, it is likely that the roof will have problems in the future. If you repair one side, it is a short-time fix, replacing the whole roof will be ideal.

Age of the building

Another important factor is the age of the house you are staying in. Commercial buildings must have leak-free roofing. When an apartment is unused or has aged, it could be a problem. You will find many abandoned apartments in Elkhart, IN that cannot be occupied. Repairing such a roof when it has an occupant is only delaying the problem, you will need to change it.

When should you repair your roof?

Here are some reasons why you should consider repairing your roof :

When the problem is small

If your roof leaks or damage is minimal, and in an isolated spot then repairing your roof is advised. It’s cheaper and easier to repair small damages than replace them.

Partial damage

You can also decide to repair your commercial roof if it has a small range caused by blizzards or hurricanes. However, when considering this, it should be free of other people’s problems and still be useful. If the shelf life is still long, then repairing them is great.

Keep roofing cost low

When you are considering not splashing money on your roof and have a low budget, then repair is better than replacing. However, have it in mind that minimizing your cost and fixing them is only for a little time. If the problem persists, you will have to ultimately change the roof.


When a commercial roof has problems, choosing whether to replace or repair it is important. Contact Tri-County Commercial roofing services for a genuine assessment, repair, and replacement of your room. They are reliable, trustworthy and the best in the business.

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