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Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Roof in Goshen, IN

Repairing or replacing your commercial roof depends on several factors. You will need to find out the root cause of the leak and what’s the cost-effective way to solve the problem

While repairing your commercial roof might be cheaper, it doesn’t work on all roofs. Sometimes, replacing a commercial roof is the best solution. If you are in a dilemma about the best way of solving commercial roof problems, read on.

Causes of a commercial roof damage

A roof leak can show when there are leaks and punctures to come parts of the roods:

Damaged Flashing

The flashing is a common entrance for water on the rooftop. It serves as a good barrier that seals cracks through the Seams. However, sometimes they can suffer wear and tear during harsh weather seasons. When it happens regularly, the flashing can suffer a loss of fitting. When this happens water can move through the roof.

Damaged membrane

The Outer membrane serves as the best protective barrier between the bare roofing materials and elements. While it is durable, it can suffer as much exposure and become exposed. When this happens the membrane is punctured, water makes its way through and leakage happens.

Open Pipes

Around the roof of all apartments, some openings allow air filtration between the interior and outside of the roof. These openings are created to prevent water and puddles. However, if the pipes aren’t sealed properly and secured tightly, water can pass through. The probability of this happening is increased when there is a poor drainage system.

Signs that commercial roof is damaged

Before knowing if you should replace or repair a commercial roof, it depends on the damage suffered:

Missing shingles

When your roof suffers from a missing shingle, the space creates an opening for rain and other moisture. When this continues, it can seek through a leak barrier and causes problems. When this happens, your best solution is to replace the shingles. This can be done by contacting a reliable roofing service.

Stains from the ceiling

Some roof leaks happen when there is a puddle saturation. When this happens, the opening is covered with stains. If it is close to the wall, it can cause stains. If it’s a small leak that causes the stain, you might need to repair it, however, if it’s severe, replacing the roof might be the best idea.

Water puddle

Another sign of damage to a roof is water puddles showing on the roof floor. This is by far the most serious sign of a roof leak and can cause water to seep through the saturation point. To solve the water puddle case, you should replace your roof.

So should you repair or replace your commercial Roof in Goshen, IN

When in a dilemma about whether to repair or replace your commercial roofs, you should check the signs. Also, the cause of the damage determines if you should take your next line of action. If you want to repair or replace a damaged roof in Goshen, IN, contact Tri County commercial roofing today.

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