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If your commercial roof is considerably old or if you’re looking for ways further to enhance its strength, durability, and lifespan, choosing to install elastomeric roof coating on the roof can be greatly beneficial. 

The elastomeric roof coating combines with the existing roof membrane to make a robust roofing system, adding an extra layer of security to your commercial roof and building. 

Elastomeric roof sealers such as polyurethane, acrylic, silicone, and butyl seal the roof completely, making it water right, waterproof, and resistant to harsh weather conditions. 

Tri-Country Commercial Roofing – Experienced, Trusted, Professional Roofing Contractors in Fort Wayne, IN.

At Tri-Country Commercial Roofing, we have helped many commercial buildings enhance the safety and strength of their commercial roof through elastomeric roofing. 

As a locally owned and operated commercial roofing company, Tri-Country Commercial Roof is committed to serving clients’ specific requirements in Fort Wayne, IN, and surrounding areas. 

Having worked on thousands of commercial roofing projects, including installing elastomeric roof coatings, our roofing experts at Tri-Country Roofing are experienced, qualified, and certified to provide uncompromising work and exceptional results. 

Benefits of Elastomeric Roofing 

  • Extends the lifespan of the commercial roof by 10-20 years.
  • Waterproofs the roof.
  • It seals the roof completely, making it watertight. It plugs any leaks and eliminates the chances of new leaks occurring. 
  • Strengthens the existing commercial roof greatly. 
  • It eliminates the need to tear off the existing roof completely. 
  • As it is white, it reflects sunlight and reduces energy bills significantly. 

Tri-Country Commercial Roofing – Contact Us Today For Elastomeric Roof Coating Services!

Elastomeric roof coatings are highly flexible, adaptable, and affordable, which is why most commercial buildings in and around Fort Wayne, IN, choose to go for it. 

This coating can be applied to new and old roofs, adding another layer of protection to your roof. Moreover, elastomeric roof coatings are compatible with most roofing materials. 

Our in-house roofing experts at Tri-Country Commercial Roofing have applied elastomeric roof coatings in thousands of commercial buildings over the years. We use the latest equipment and high-quality elastomeric roof coating material, ensuring you get the results you seek without compromising. Moreover, our workmanship and roofing products come with a warranty, offering complete peace of mind to our clients. 

If you want to get your commercial roof coated with an elastomeric roof coating, contact Tri-Country Commercial Roofing today at 260-720-7020.